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3 September 1980
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...the visuals kick in. Special effects. Walls changing tone and color. My bed is no longer a bed but a plateau atop normality. An epiphany has entered my mind, everything cardboard. Posterized artificiality. It's the one thread that links the subsequent 4 hours together. 4 hours of frackin' un-realness.

It's early morning, I'm tired, stoned, shroomed-up and connected to ...something. I should note at this juncture that I have my headphones on and that I'm listening to a brainwave mp3.

I'm accessing information at will - the Matrix. Images of people, places, things - anything. I'm taken to the furthest edge of this galaxy to witness a space battle between what looks like a group of large, uneven rubix-cube spaceships. Then I'm flying through the cosmos, zooming down on planet Earth. I'm being told important stuff, soon forgotten. Later, I open my eye a crack and start painting my bedroom with my hand. I'm drawing aliens, friends, people i know, wiggly lines, plasma beams... I'm moving them around and coordinating them....

So, first of, my name's Matt - nice to meet you! Online I go by the alias "Drako" - it seemed appropriate at the time, still does:

I'm something of a metaphysical nut - a quasi-scientist of sorts, an explorer, an adventurer, a journeyman through space and time. I see myself as being complex to a point, though this complexity isn't a constant - I dip into it when I feel a need to (when inspired, compelled etc). For the most part I'm actually quite a simple, though aware, person - these days less preoccupied with the details, more involved with my feelings...

Beyond that, I've experimented with many different mediums and phenomena the last decade, be they practices such as Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrial Communication, along with psychedelics and... other stuff (too complicated to get into here). I've had some unbelievable experiences; moments that I'll never forget. .. I've also gone a little crazy from time to time. I don't mind admitting to that.

However, generally, I'm pretty sound. And while I wouldn't describe myself as such, I'm generally thought of as spiritual - certainly I'm a warm and compassionate individual.

In my Live Journal, I might scream, swear and piss-take from time to time, but the truth is, it's very rarely genuine. I'm not an angry person, at all. But sometimes it's entertaining to just go 'off on one', as I'm sure you understand.

Other fields I'm interested in: Writing philosophy, Rambling, Psychological Thrillers, Movies, Videogames - the usual. I also play guitar and wear women's clothes... but that's just between you and me, OK?

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